White Epoxy Bead Making Clay 1/4 Lb

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1/4 Lb White

Each 1/4 Lb set creates approximately 200 Beads

Designed specifically for Beadmaking our super strong epoxy clay is designed to give you the durability to create heirlooms that will last, with the flexibility and work time needed to add those fine finishing details.

You can embellish with almost anything because there is no need to bake.  Exclusive colors and finishes give you more options to work with.

*Self Hardening - No Bake

*Super strong - Keeps gems and Embellishments attached

*Safe and Simple to Use

Each 1/4 Lb. set comes with separate jars of part A and part B.  You mix equal parts of part A and part B to activate the hardening.  Average work time is 1 hour.