Beadalon Supplemax Clear Monofilament thread for Beading, Beadmaking & Beadwork

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Supplemax by Beadalon is our preferred monofilament for beadmaking in our manufacturing department

.30mm is a thicker cord used for strength and to hols it's shape. We use the .30mm for our Blingeberry beads, and beads sculpted out of smaller beads.

.15mm monofilament is a thinner cord used for smaller details. We use it for making our hand-beaded beads like our striped beads, and beaded focals.

See photos for examples

Color: Clear

Material: Nylon

* 0.30 mm/.012 in (Dia) - 50 m/164 ft (Len) - Thicker cord
* 0.15 mm/.006 in (Dia) - 50 m/164 ft (Len) - Thinner cord

Brand: Beadalon

About this item

Super Light Weight
Great for creating a floating necklace
Best secured by knotting and adding a little glue