Premium Czech Glass Bead Mix - 30g Fire Polished, AB, Dagger, Seed - 3mm -20mm

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***You will receive one 60g bag of Mixed Czech Glass Beads in your chosen color***

Czech Glass beads are known for their quality, uniform shape and size as well as longevity.  One of the most preferred seed to medium sized beads for bead weavers and detailed bead workers.

This mix is a great way to stock up, and add variety to your collection.

  • Features all fine quality, Czech glass beads in small to medium sizes. 
  • Great for detailed beadwork. 
  • Some are seed beads size 8/0 or larger. 
  • Lots of Fire Polished crystals.
  • Popular daggers,morning glories, druk and other common Czech shapes
  • Large variety of finishes and patterns - AB, picasso, fire polished

You will receive 60 grams of randomly selected Czech Glass beads in the color you have selected. (This is approximately 100 bead)

Some matching pairs and some singles

Various brands - Mostly Preciosa