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68 piece "Snowflake" Bead Mix with Wire Snowflake Frames

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68 piece Bead Mix -Limited Edition "Snowflake" Bead Mix

This fun mix includes everything you need to make Beaded Snowflakes.  Includes 3 snowflake wire frames.

Beautiful handmade creations paired with curated glass, acrylic and metal beads

We only have enough to make 9 of these, so they won't be restocked when these sell out.


  • Hand Beaded Lilah Ann Focal Bead - 24mm
  • Hand Made Lilah Ann Ombre Focal Bead - 24mm
  • 3 Wire Snowflake Frames
  • 2 pieces Curated Boho Beads - 20mm
  • Large Silver Snowflake Bead (acrylic) - 28mm
  • 2 AB Glass Flower Beads - 24mm
  • 2 pieces 12mm Czech Glass Beads
  • 12 pieces Silver Rice Crystals - 4mm x 8mm
  • 8 pieces metal bead caps
  • 2 pieces 10mm Ombre Crystal Pave Beads
  • 3 pieces 10mm Blue Crytal Pave Beads
  • 6 pieces 14mm Imitation Porcelain Beads
  • 12 pieces 8mm Imitation Pearl Beads
  • 6 pieces Glass Pearl Teardrop Beads - 9mm
  • 2 pieces 10mm Glass Pearls
  • 2 pieces 10mm Metal Barrel Beads
  • 1 Metal Snowflake Charm

Glass, Clay, Metal, Beaded, Czech Glass, Acrylic

6mm - 26mm

Blue, Silver, White

68 pieces

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