LABS Ambassadors and Affiliate Programs

Hey! And Welcome to Lilah Ann Beads Ambassador, Jr. Ambassador, and Afilliate Program!

We will go through and explain each program. The Ambassadors first, then the Jr. Ambassadors and lastly the Affiliates. Jr. Ambassadors please read the Ambassador program too as it applies to you as well. 

If you still have questions after reading this please email us


So long as you have at least 2,000 followers you can apply don't worry if you don't have that many that's why we have the Jr. Ambassador program, it works pretty much the same as the ambassador program with just a few changes.

After you sign up for the ambassador program is pretty easy every month you'll receive an ambassadors box filled with lots of our products to you can use in your beautiful creations, you'll be asked to make four posts on your social media page, fill out another form by the end of the month, and receive your next box!

About posts:

Post on public accounts only.

Must need 2,000 followers on at east one platform.

Use correct terms in all posts.

At least one of the post needs to be using one or more products from the box.

At least one post must be a video.

And one or more posts needs to contain something of value for example: A tip or trick, design tip, idea, unboxing, or a how-to.

The other posts need to feature an in stock products.

We do not mind if you use other companies products as long as our product is the main focus.

Must use #LilahAnnBeads for it to count.

Once a month "turn in" your posts via monthly form.

Must state you are an ambassador or you can also use the #LABAmbassador

Code of conduct: This applies to Jr. Ambassadors too

Be honest about products we want customers to have well informed and honest reviews however, if you find any major problems with a product please email before posting so we can take measures to fix it.

Be respectful towards people.

The term No call No show still applies, if you fail to upload your posts you won't receive your box for the next month however, we do offer a grace period standard is 10 days into the next month so for example say you can't turn in your last post by august 31st so long as you communicate you will have until September 10th. If 10 days isn't enough so long as you communicate we will be willing to work with you.

Don't share stuff meant for employees

Please email if you have any ideas for posts or would like to be posted on our platforms

We do also offer extra store credit for those that want to use tik tok and/or youtube

If you'd like to get 10% of each sale you bring in you will also need to sign up for the affiliate program.

Jr. Ambassadors:

Want to be an ambassador but don't have 2,000 followers yet? Welcome to our Jr. Ambassadors. This program is for those who want to be an ambassador but are a bit short on followers.

How it works:

Instead of a monthly box you will receive a a 50% off coupon every month for your products.

Everything else will be the same as the ambassadors. Once one of your social media platforms has reached 2,000 followers feel free to reach out so we can upgrade you to an ambassador.

Link to application for Ambassadors and Jr. Ambassadors:


Affiliates will get sent a link to use in however you want.

You Will also receive a one time use 50% off code to help you get started.

You will receive 10% for the sales your link brings in.