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LAB Affiliate Page

Welcome to Lilah Ann Beads affiliate program! The program is fairly simple you get a link and you decide how much to advertise!

If you have any questions, concerns, or something didn't work right please email us at


Affiliates will be sent a link to use to promote our products.

You will receive 10% of the sales your link brings in.


How to sign up:

Uppromote will help us track what sales come from your link so you can get properly compensated.

Step one) please head to and make an account.

Step two) Once your account is made go to marketplace and scroll till you find view all offers search Lilah Ann Beads.

Step three) Click on apply and sign up.

Step four) wait to be approved( Note if does not get approved by the next day please email us).

step five) Once approved go to your uppromote account click on my offer find Lilah Ann Beads click on the eye to the right that should bring you to the dashboard of our page from there you can get a page link or product link.

Step six) Promote it.